BAO 刈包專門店

作者團隊以旅行和巡禮亞洲文獲取的靈感,以傳統小吃為命名,結合台灣的夜市、街頭小吃、泡沫紅茶店和早餐店,又或是在地小農產品等,重新詮釋台灣小吃。而書本內容不只介少團隊的起源,還詳細述說於倫敦的五家餐廳背後的故事:不論是刈包專門店( BAO Soho )、酒吧( BAO Fitz )、燒烤餐廳( BAO Borough )、台式咖啡廳( BAO King’s Cross ),還是麵店( BAO Noodle Shop ),每一家餐廳都展現台灣獨有的飲食文化元素,並發想自不同的靈感以及料理的創意詮釋方式。另外,本書收錄 100 種 BAO 最受喜愛的餐點食譜,從蝦鬆刈包、台南牛肉湯麵、醬油蛋黃豬血糕到養樂多奶蓋,讓你也能跟著 BAO 的腳步,創作出獨一無二的台灣味。

The first cookbook from London’s cult favorite restaurant BAO offers a taste of Taiwanese food culture with 100 signature recipes for steamed buns, noodles, xiao chi, fried chicken, and more.Since its humble beginnings as a London food stall, BAO has amassed a cult following of hungry fans with its Taiwanese-inspired cuisine and sleek design sensibility. BAO’s first book reveals the top-secret recipes behind 100 of its most beloved dishes – from the traditional steamed buns of its name to Taiwanese fried chicken, soul-warming beef noodles, snack-size xiao chi, and more.

Every BAO restaurant reflects a unique element of Taiwanese eating culture. The book follows suit, with chapters exploring each restaurant’s inspiration – Taipei night markets and grill houses, noodle shops and cafés – along with its creative interpretation. 
Part cookbook, part manifesto, BAO weaves together delicious recipes, lively stories, evocative photography, and playful illustrations to inspire BAO super-fans and curious home cooks alike.

Title / BAO刈包專門店
Author / 張爾宬、鍾承達、鍾慧婷
Publisher / Phaidon Press
Published Year / 2023