David Hockney Insights: Reflecting the Tate Collection


這本書匯集了 David Hockney 從過去至今具代表性的一些作品,作品主要包括泰特美術館內的收藏。不論是早期的圖形循環、標誌性的水池畫到他的戶外風景、iPad 繪畫和多媒體裝置等等。另外,這本書由著名評論家和評論家所撰寫,在介紹 David Hockney 的作品和其繪畫和版畫的技術創新與探索的同時,也闡述了新藝術手法的探索和新媒體藝術的詮釋方式。

This book compiles some of David Hockney’s most representative works from the past to the present, primarily focusing on the collection within the Tate collection. It encompasses his early graphic cycles, iconic swimming pool paintings, outdoor landscapes, iPad drawings, multimedia installations, and more. Additionally, the book features contributions from renowned critics and scholars. While introducing Hockney’s works and his innovative techniques in painting and printmaking, it also explores the exploration of new artistic methods and interpretations of new media art.

Title / David Hockney Insights : Reflecting the Tate Collection

Author / Veronika Rudorfer Jan SvenungssonHelen Little Gabriele Jutz Larissa Kikol Hans Ulrich Obrist Ingried Brugger Bettina M. Busse

Publisher / DCV

Published Year / 2022